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Low Voltage and Enterprise Solutions

Insync International offers a wide range of ELV Systems that can be tailored to specific needs of the business firms. It strives to be a top in providing forefront technologies by introducing innovative and newer products to the market as well as providing cost‐effective solutions backed by a team of highly talented professional technicians.

Our professionals have a wide range of industrial experience and exposure in the Electronics Low Voltage (ELV) industry. Conferring competent industry professionals at the outset of your project will makes a difference. We work to design a system that minimizes your deployment costs and achieves your desired level of security and protection.

  • CCTV Security Systems
  • Control Systems
  • Access Controls
  • Time & Attendance Management Systems
  • Queue Management Systems
  • LED Ticker Information Displays
  • Gate Barriers
  • Home Automation
  • People Counting Systems
  • EAS Systems
  • PABX
  • PA/BGM Systems
  • Plasma/LCD Displays

CCTV Security Systems

We provide quality, cutting edge but reliable, video surveillance products and systems at highly competitive prices. Good products and pricing alone are not the whole answer ‐ excellent service and support are also necessary ‐ and we pride ourselves in providing service and support that are second to none.

Control Systems

When you have information to present, you don’t want to have to wait for the tools to work. We can automate your Boardroom or Conference room so that with a touch of a button, you have all the multi‐media tools energized at once! Imagine, walking into the boardroom connecting your laptop and everything works perfect! You present your information fast, concise, and right to the point!

We offer a full line of Boardroom, Conference room and Training room automation tools to accomplish your needs.

Access Controls

Physical Access Control refers to the practice of restricting entrance to a property, building or room to authorized people. This can be accomplished by a person, such as a receptionist or guard, or by mechanical means such as locks and keys. More recently, Access Control has come to be accomplished by technological means using (primarily) card access systems. Today’s Access Control systems provide many intelligent features such as antipass back where cardholders are allowed to exit a door but not to re‐enter. In addition they can interface with burglar alarm systems and video surveillance systems to provide a high level of security sophistication.

Time & Attendance Management Systems

Time & Attendance Management Systems are for any business size; from small growing offices to enterprise class organizations with multi thousands of employees. Designed with payroll cost reduction in mind, we remains on the forefront of today’s technology using advanced employee access terminals with biometric readers. With our System critical employee data is delivered in realtime to frontline decision makers to manage those costly labor resources.

Queue Management Systems

We offers Queue Management System that efficiently helps to manage queues in front of service counters. It can manage Single as well as Multiple Window Queues with Single or Multiple Services. Automated Token Dispensing Unit issues tokens to the customer so that they can wait at the lounge for their turn without standing in Queues. Token Management is on First‐In‐First‐Out basis.

LED Ticker Information Displays

We offers LED ticker which is a great way to display live feeds for sports, news, or financial information on site at your business or organization. They create a unique design element in any business and they offer constantly updated information that customers can use. We often see them in banks, schools, casinos, and even sports bars.


We develops products and systems for accessing and managing communication networks. Our products cover a full specter of telephony equipment ‐ telephone terminals, both residential and business, Enterprise Private Branch Exchanges (PABX/PBX), as well as variety of network access terminals and high quality digital video encoders, decoders and gateways.

PA/BGM Systems

Background music (BGM) is now common place in everyday life. Its widespread use in Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Pubs, Shops and Shopping Malls and many other types of buildings proves how this popular type of atmosphere enrichment is used to great advantage. BGM should never be loud; therefore, careful planning and positioning of loudspeakers must be taken into account when installing these systems. With a wealth of experience in this field, we can offer advice and information to obtain the type, style and level of music you require.

Plasma/LCD Displays

Retail environments showcase plasma/LCD displays to promote in‐store sales of their products. To display enlarged images, multiple units are arranged in groups of four, six up to fourteen units. Creating a dramatic effect with multiple units is successful when displaying music videos, usually in shopping malls where the target audience is young and hip. Plasma/LCD signage is also used to reach larger audiences, usually representing multiple advertisers, when placed in venues such as airports, stadiums, trade shows, and theme parks. When displayed in professional settings such as banks, universities, hospitals, and offices, the messages cater directly to the particular needs of the clientele. Digital signage can play an important role in corporate communications, allowing employees to keep abreast of information relative to their benefits or other company announcements.

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