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Wireline Networks

We offers services for Installation, Commissioning, Integration, Operation and Maintenance for all wire line networks including Copper & Fiber.

Structured Cabling

With the rising significance of Data, voice and video communication convergence, it is becoming more and more crucial that the network is kept running at peak potentials; to enable network users and applications to function at their utmost efficiencies.

Insync International cabling team has the expertise, experience and resources to design, install, test and manage your Cabling infrastructure.

Our structured cabling services have been applied to the following scenarios: Local Area Networks (LANs), Wide Area Networks (WANs), IP Telephony, Voice & Data Converged Networks, PBX PABX Telephone Systems, Public Address System, Distributed antenna system – DAS installation, Hospital &Airport Wi MAX deployments, nurse call systems.


Fiber Optic Networks

Fiber Optic as your backbone will increase bandwidth availability to meet the demand for voice and data infrastructures. It is a fast and secure way to connect floors, offices, and even buildings together. Our expertise in this specialized environment has long been recognized by major fiber optic cable manufacturers.

In our unique business model, we provide a wide variety of both technical services and custom manufactured products to meet your needs. Our technical services include Design, Field Installation, Testing, Commissioning & Operation and Maintenance for Fiber Optic Networks.


Fiber to the Home (FTTH)

Insync International has extensive experience in Fiber to the home (FTTH) cabling, Fiber optic cable splicing, and migration (Copper to fiber) services for next generation fiber optic technology which allows users to combine high quality voice, High Speed Internet and High‐Definition TV into one amazing experience.

Insync International has successfully done huge amount of work to implement Etisalat’s FTTH project in Dubai & Al Ain. Our crews are experienced splicing & connectorization in the head end, central office, trunk and feeder cable, splitters, distribution cable, fiber drops and fiber pigtails at the premise. The nature of FTTH / FTTP projects require multiple splicing, connectorization and cutover, our crews along with adequate equipment to complete projects to your satisfaction in a specified time frame.

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